Thursday, June 29, 2017

Are Children Debating Healthcare While Congress Deliberates?

I miss my parents.  I believe that many people my age feel the same way.  My parents tried to help me in every way they could to the best of their ability. Now that they are gone I reflect upon my life and constantly review in my head if I did all that could for my children.

I saw a quote today from John Wooden posted by Dr. William Hang.  It read, “Today is the only day.  Tomorrow is gone.”  I wonder how Wooden felt about his parents?  As for Dr. William Hang, I met him not too long ago.  I happened to be attending a conference that both a business partner and Dr. Hang were giving lectures.  I sat in and listened to Dr. Hang because there was a “major buzz” going on about him.  I didn’t know any of the people in attendance.  But I have earned my living and survived on my visceral instincts and picking up the vibe.  There was something going on about this gentleman, Dr. Hang.

From the moment, he began speaking and presenting his lecture on the video screen he had me captured.  Let me take the author’s license to say that does not happen very often.  I have had enough bumps and bruises in the world of business, skillful neglect and selective memory purveyed upon me to pretty much always flip the compressor on in my mind and ask myself, “what is this person really saying to me?”  I flipped the switch and found out that Dr. Hang was about to recount my life to me.  Photo by photo of early childhood through teen years and beyond I saw myself in those pictures.  I said, “Mark, that is you!” 

Dr. Hang discussed, “airway.”   He said an adequate airway is the most important factor in a child’s facial development.  Hmmm…  He continued to say “genetics” determine factors such as hair color, eye color and height.  In contrast, he said altered oral posture determines whether or not the face will be well balanced. 

Truth be told, it is one thing hearing those words spoken.  But it is a riveting 180 degree turn when you hear those words and look at the time lined photos simultaneously.  There I was!  My teeth are crowded, my face seemed to be balanced, but maybe not.  My airway?  Hey, I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure.  I can’t sleep at all without my C-PAP machine!  Didn’t my parents notice this in my youth?  Surely if they knew they would have done something about it.  As one can imagine there were an innumerable amount of thoughts flashing through my mind at light speed.  Luckily, I did not have the pain, a constant tired feeling, listlessness, drowsiness and a difficulty to focus that go along with the other symptoms.  But many children and adults per Dr. Hang’s presentation had all the above.  Needless to say, their quality of life suffered painfully.

Upon Dr. Hang’s conclusion, most of the audience rushed up to the front to speak with him.  As did I.  But I waited for all to have their time with him.  I am not a doctor.  He may not even want to speak with me.  I didn’t know.  I walked up and found him to be extremely cordial and sincere.  I told him about what I had just experienced.  He smiled at me in a very humble way as if I was giving him too much credit.  Then he said, if I would have had work done on me back when I was young according to what the specialists at that time knew, I would probably be dead!  Well, I guess my parents, once again, were right after all!  Wow!  Then he asked me if I used a C-PAP machine?  I said, “Yes.”  He said, “Good, keep using it!”

I know one may think the title to this letter may be a little bit misleading.  In reality, it is not.   Another thing, this letter is not political by any means.  Our children may not be debating healthcare at this very moment in their lives.  But they are “living” their lives.  Healthcare will pop-up as a serious thought to consider at some point for them in the future.  Yesterday is gone.  We have learned from the past.  Today is the only day.  Check out: .  It will change your life and your children’s lives.

Mark Andrew Zwartynski