Saturday, March 11, 2017

Public Action and Political Action or Nothing

This morning "The Vibe" felt the choices people have at hand.  Some contemplate accepting things as they exist and some accept the responsibility to change things.  Many ask for the wisdom to know the difference.   They may be the wisest of all.

Many undertake public action which is the choice that pertains to the capacity in which one comes into contact with the community.  Others undertake political action which is designed to attain a purpose by the use of political power or by activity in political channels.

"The Vibe" is obviously getting strong signals from activity in political channels from across the globe.  Healthcare, immigration, wiretapping, deals with foreign countries and their agents, business or political.  That is not to mention, slurs, name calling and all sorts of demeaning going around. We have non-answers to questions and alternative facts.  Selective memory and skillful neglect. These are interesting terms to say the least.   But, there are a gazillion more in the shadows of the grey area within the emerald forest filled with smoke and mirrors.

We chose to vote.  "The Vibe" felt a vibe and voted.  Every single person got that one right because there is no wrong.  It is our inalienable right provided we are eighteen years old.  That also means we carry a responsibility for those that are younger, whether they are our family members or not.

We chose representatives.  These are the people that decided to take public action and undertake political action to attain a purpose on their and our behalf.  Oftentimes, it is a political party agenda.  one pulls the "straight line" ticket.  It is usually based on one tenet, issue or principal.  I will bet that many people vote in that manner.

Making decisions in that manner are not wrong.  They are based on a lot of faith.  Faith in our representatives at every level of governance.  Yes, it does affect our prices for food, gas, transportation, healthcare, lifestyle, safety, first responder emergency assistance.  "The Vibe" has to give a major shout out to the first responders, the military, the intelligence services, the educators and all the good people in our country.  Most of us always want to help.  It could be a tornado in Oklahoma, a wildfire in California, a blizzard in the mid-west, a hurricane upon our shores, or any other unforeseen calamity.

Dear Representatives:
 We will help you help us.  It is truly not the other way around.  But remember, we have faith in you.  All we ask for is good candid communication, truth, honesty, integrity and that you remember us.

"The Vibe:" There is a lot of faith going on from a lot of people.  It doesn't matter what political side(s) your on.  Remember us...

Markie Z
Mark Andrew Zwartynski
'44 Uprising Productions

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