Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Olympic Games Update - Not So Good!

There are many issues facing the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  The continuation of conversation and speculation by the general public as to how cities are selected for all International Games is a never ending saga of sordid tales. 
In the middle of trying to host the two biggest athletic competitions in the world, Brazil is also impeaching its own president – Dilma Rousseff, struggling through an economic recession, attempting to complete a 16-km subway extension costing $247 million in time for the Olympics, and fight off a pair of mosquito-born viruses, including the Zika virus that has several Central and South American countries warning women not to get pregnant.
Beyond that, Olympic athletes will be competing in Guanabara Bay and Roridgo de Freitas Lagoon, two bodies of water that have heavy levels of pollution in them, to the point that athletes already in Rio training for the Games have gotten sick as a result.
Local interest in the Olympics is woefully short of expectations, according to sources, saying fewer than 50% of the 4.5 million tickets allocated for the host country have been sold.
Markie Z
Mark Andrew Zwartynski

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